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Continuous training

par GALLITRE Laurence - 7 mai 2012

The LTDS organizes training intended for businesses and the academic world, through the department in charge of partnerships at ECL. This will to offer our knowledge beyond the traditional student public is coherent with our scientific approach which consists in developing fundamental knowledge and putting it in a perspective of application. Thus the laboratory has designed and improved three courses : - “The principles of tribology and their applications – Interfaces, friction, wear and lubrication” : a 4-day bi-annual course (15 to 20 attendees every year). We have trained over this quadrennial period, on Renault’s request, 20 of its engineers and technicians. In addition, the LTDS also offers “Technical study days,” with “The expertise of used parts in tribology” (1 days) and “Fretting” (2 days) ; - “Practise of atomic force microscopy, nanohardness, and contact mechanics” : bi-annual 4 days course (5 attendees/year). The LTDS also offers an advances module “AFM microscopy and/or nanohardness” (2 days) ; -“Surface states :” 3.5 day course newly created in 2007 with on open session in 2008. Some of our skills in specific domains are recognized beyond the laboratory.


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